Justin Roeland and Nightswimmers' Record Release Show w/special guests Bronwen Exter and Palleon!

Justin Roeland and Nightswimmers' Record Release Show w/special guests Bronwen Exter and Palleon!

Fri · January 18, 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

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Justin Roeland and Nightswimmers
Justin Roeland and Nightswimmers
Justin Roeland is an American singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist previously known for his work as guitarist/keyboardist with the Long Beach, Ca psych-rock band, The Fling and chamber pop ensemble -Greater California. Roeland released his first solo album, "Blind Spots" in 2014. The album was recorded partly in a textile warehouse in Signal Hill, Ca and finished in an off grid cabin in the Finger Lakes.

"...an album filled with the kind of classic songwriting that always has a way of marking those milestone moments in the lives of the audience. Listen to Blind Spots all the way through and you’re bound to seal your feelings about wherever you are in your life right now in a kind of musical amber. The music is that rich and evocative." -Saby Reyes-Kulkarni (Paste, Pitchfork, Feedback Deficiency).

2016's Between The Lakes, Roeland's second release, "bridges the cracks between genres as if they were the proverbial lakes mentioned in the title of his new album. There is an overall beauty that runs throughout "Between The Lakes," with the opening track thoughtfully assailing ears while sounding like The Byrds when Gramm Parsons briefly got his mitts on them." -Frank Deblase (City Newspaper)

Roeland's third LP-Doomed To Bloom, was largely written and recorded in a Greek Revival Chapel in Trumansburg , N.Y during a month long residency there in 2016. Doomed To Bloom continues a trend for Roeland of isolationism and solitude. The enormity of that solitude is captured throughout this record in songs like- Seasons Of Love, with it's unruly, rhythmic breadth and thoughtful musings on the stages or seasons of a relationship. The song Dream House, has light, cascading guitars, feathery synths and takes an unexpected pause midway to reflect on the overwhelming anxiety of loving someone or something beyond comprehension-"To The Moon, but not back, anxious love is a hard attack".

Justin Roeland and Nightswimmers is Ryan Vanderhoof (Akron Family), Chris Ploss (Palleon, Obody) Alyssa Duerksen (Lady D and The Shadow Spirits) Matt Succucciamorano, Eric Harvey (Spoon, Hamilton Leithauser) and Scott Nelson.
Bronwen Exter
Bronwen Exter
Turns out, moving home is complicated. You bring along what you hoped to leave behind, and don’t necessarily find what you remembered best about a place. The granddaughter of a Ukrainian communist, a Disneyland-tire maker, an Yves St. Laurent wedding dress model and the Chief Statistician for President Lyndon Johnson, Exter’s life has always been filled with stories and characters. At the age of six, from her bedroom in rural upstate New York, she recorded her first songs. She remembers the bright, grass-green carpet scrap and the old tape-recorder sitting on it. They were mostly songs about cowgirls.

Bronwen Exter’s second full-length album, “Junkyard,” released in June 2012, is a chronicle of heartache and homecoming. Her “warm, all-enveloping voice” (The New Yorker) works a dreamy hypnosis through lush arrangements and dark lyrics that describe a world of hometown characters, flirtatious glances, bedroom stories and solitude.

Onstage, she fronts a six piece band that ranges from the spare to the bombastic, the whimsical to the funereal. Exter’s songwriting is characterized by invented chords and haunting melodies, taking inspiration from Lhasa de Sela, Cat Power and T Bone Burnett.

Bronwen Exter’s début album “Elevator Ride” (2006) garnered comparisons to Rickie Lee Jones and the Cowboy Junkies. Performing Songwriter wrote, “OK, picture this: Lou Reed and Astrud Gilberto have a baby. She’s raised by the band Mazzy Star until the age of 16, when she falls in love with James Bond and runs away to Argentina.” At once visceral and sophisticated, fresh and retro, “Elevator Ride,” was named for a suicidal lyric that evokes the moments before a socialite’s tumble from the top of a skyscraper.

“Elevator Ride,” was co-produced by prolific Englishman Jonathan Spottiswoode of NYC cult underground band Spottiswoode and His Enemies, and Kenny Siegal, ringleader of rock and roll band Johnny Society. Recorded at Siegal’s haunted organ museum in Catskill, NY that houses Old Soul Studios (Beirut, Langhorne Slim, Joseph Arthur and Chris Whitley) by engineer Tom Schick (Ryan Adams, Rufus Wainwright, Norah Jones), the record they made on vintage analog gear brought together the trademark rawness and punchiness of Siegal, the noir cinema of Spottiswoode’s songwriting, and the breathy vulnerability of Exter’s singing.

Tracks from “Elevator Ride” have been featured on primetime television (Six Degrees, The Secret Circle) and in the Dreamworks/ Paramount Pictures release “She’s Out Of Your League.”
From Trumansburg, NY, the birthplace of Robert Moog's first modular synthesizer, emerges Chris Ploss' "Palleon": groovy, hooky synthpop music. Palleon's self-produced debut LP, TWNTY-SXTN is available now.
Venue Information:
The Haunt
702 Willow Ave
Ithaca, NY, 14850